The accommodation Off-Street Parking Hawthorn currently consists of a private, two-bedroom cottage and two one-bedroom flats in the main guesthouse.  IN CONSIDERATION OF ALL GUESTS CHILDREN ONLY ACCEPTED IN THE 2 BEDROOM COTTAGE. 

All accommodations have their own private external entrance, as well as a comfortable sitting room, full kitchen, and access to complimentary laundry facilities when permitted.   Guests are invited and encouraged to enjoy the landscaped grounds of Heathergate which abound with a near-riot of beautiful plants and flowers much of the year – an “English country garden” indeed! (The fact that Ned was an avid  beekeeper probably helps account for those thousands of colorful blooms that surround Heathergate.)   

Social distancing and COVID- compliant rules as dictated by health authorities will be in effect when guests elect to use any of the exterior outdoor patio and courtyard spaces on the Off-Street Parking Doncaster property.

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